The evolution of a very bad Urban Sketch!

This was most of our sketchcrawl today at the West Bottoms. Perfect weather, free parking and I understand excellent food truck tacos and lemonade!

This is the original sketch (above). My problem began when my two ladies left the table. I started with them knowing they were not staying there very long. Too much shopping to do! Then when I continued adding to the right of them I totally lost my sense of perspective. And I was talking! 

I tore out the page, something I rarely do. But the perspective was SO FAR off, I couldn’t stand it in my journal. I will actually tape it back it so it flips up to show the revision. I added people and moved the buildings back. Note I am eye level. The heads should all be about on the same plane. The bodies get shorter as they recede in the distance. Note to self, always draw in the eye level FIRST to avoid these problems! 

I need to darken the value of the building casting the shadow. Also add a person  and connect the areas to both sides of the pole in the table. Going from imagination here. 

Added another person. I had to lift paint, which is never good for a watercolor. But, it’s already a project for corrections, so I’m going for it. I’ve worked it to death. Done. Stick a fork in it! Hopefully a lesson learned! Now compare this to the original one below. You would tear out the page too!

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