Dr Sketchy

Dr Sketchy model sessions are all over the US and we are lucky to have one in Kansas City. Last nights session was interesting, with a one woman Sword swallowing performance artist. Here are some shots from the session, with her permission. There is always an interesting crowd. Someone selected their favorite work, and I happened to be picked. I received a goodie bag with art supplies and a bag of Blimp fresh ground coffee. So that was a treat. The woman who hosts the session also prepares some VERY YUMMY food. I had veggie meatballs with rice and cabbage. $3 and worth every penny. She sold out of food or I may have been tempted for a second plate! I gave my painting to the model. I hope she liked it. #30x30directwatercolor2018



Today was marvelous. I painted with our June USKKC sketch crawl at the Jerry Smith Park. The KC Parks and Rec was having their ‘Party on the Prarie’ event, and it was a blast. BBQ was on the grills, 2 huge beautiful horses pulling a wagon, a display of wild birds, (and a snake), and over 20 painters participating in a Plein Air quick paint. Now the top of the Crown was a young man, Calvin Arsenia playing a HARP. SERIOUSLY I THOUGHT I DIED AND WAS IN HEAVEN! I’ll try to post part of a song, Hallelujah, one of my favorites. Check him out on YouTube.

Here’s my direct watercolor!


It’s that time of year. By the time we return from the river, our grass was knee-high in the yard. It’s that time of year. The temperatures up to high 80s mid 90s and above. No mosquitoes yet! Hurrah! But I did get a tick bite at the river.

Some kind of crazy flying ant has appeared two nights in a row at probably 9 o’clock in the evening inside the house right by where I sit. It’s like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. I think we’re going to have to call a pest control.

Yesterday during church I sketched of course, and then it was so hot when Church got out I sat in my air-conditioned car and sketched again. So here are two sketches from yesterday.

Right before we went to bed, I looked over at Derald and he had on a tie-dyed T-shirt and plaid pajamas. I commented on his matching pjs, and he said ‘back at ya’. Then I looked at myself and I had on a tie-dyed T-shirt and striped pajamas. I get so tickled that we look like a couple old hippies, I insisted that we stand in the mirror to take a full on photograph. Woody had to sneak in, and Max is behind us. There we are in all her glory, barefoot.

Plein Air Kansas City

Well I blew through another event and was so busy I failed to post. Chris Willey won Best of Show! Marcia, Louanne and Liz won honorable mentions. Susan won quick paints and won a ribbon, as did Zac. Spencer won the big purchase award! So in hind sight, here are some pictures, in reverse order.

Facial Expression Tells The Story

I just returned from 12 days in Augusta MO at Augusta Plein Air Art Festival. What a trip. Many thanks to judge Shawn Cornell for awarding my work. First place in watercolors! Third place in Mixed Media. First Place at Augusta Shores!


Augusta Shores

April SNOW showers

It should be spring in Kansas City, but it snowed today. My poor little spring flowers that are trying to show off, are snow covered now.

After church I drove through town taking snowy reference pictures. I stopped once to sketch from my car. I tried out my new Pocket Palette. #pocketpalette This is the Kansas City Preforming Arts Center.

Tales from topographic oceans

I am trying something new! This is a ‘reblog’ of a blog I follow. I think you will enjoy this artist, both with the watercolors and the writing. This most recent post will make you feel like you are present on the beach. Shut your eyes, and you can smell the salt in the air. Enjoy.

Le Pastel Bleu

oceanoNon scelgo i frutti dell’oceano lustrati e venduti in negozi di souvenir per raccontare le architetture mirabolanti del mare, affondo pensiero, memoria, sguardo nelle meraviglie colte lungo le spiagge infinite dell’Aquitaine in passeggiate e vita intera srotolate tra onde e sabbia.


Se si potesse raccontare l’infinito, suggerirei una mattina d’inverno lungo le spiagge oceaniche del bordolese. Tutto è vento e acqua, tutto sparisce e tutto si condensa in odore di mare, vento e spruzzi d’azzurro e sale. Dovunque, tra la sabbia più fine e preziosa dell’oro, son relitti di perfezione, costruzioni di tempo e Natura, piccole imbarcazioni di straordinaria bellezza: le conchiglie portate dalla furia dell’oceano.


questi meravigliosi relitti portano in sé la perfezione di un’architettura straordinaria e la memoria del tempo, del movimento eterno del mare.


Alcuni hanno candori marmorei, scanalature di colonne di templi antichi, compostezza, geometria dorica, canne d’organo di oceano e vento.


Altri sono testimoni immobili…

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