Jill Carver


I saw someone painting by the trailer. I went out to talk to her and she introduced herself as Jill. I question “Jill Carver?” She answered yes. I was shocked. She painted for about an hour and the sun came up over the mountain and the airstreams glare was blinding her. She moved her canvas and continue to paint for another half hour. She started packing up and I went out to ask her if she was finished. She said no the light had changed and she was going to scrape it! She came in the trailer and chatted with us for a few minutes and then went on to paint in another location.

Crested Butte CO

CB is one of our favorite towns in CO. Our timing for this visit couldn’t have been more perfect. The plein air event was in full swing and the wild flower festival was just beginning. The town was buzzing.

We spent our first night in what we later found out was an illegal camp. It was part of a Crested Butte Land Trust. Someone had built a campfire ring over the 4th, so we assumed it was a camp area. The next day we were over run with people parking to hike and fish. A volunteer asked us if we would please move so they could clean up and dismantle the fire ring. We moved about 1/2 mile in to the BLM area, which is great. Lots of room and a roaring river by our site.


Crested Butte Plein Air Festival

I found out the plein air event had an ‘open’ division. This is an invitational event, with a select few juried in. This year they added an open section allowing any artist to try to get two paintings juried in. The first 100 to enter also were allowed to do the quick paint event Sat.
I had two days to get two paintings. I did submit two, but neither one made it in. I was disappointed but not surprised. I decided to go ahead and do the quick paint. It was a really eye opening event, and I am really very pleased I had the opportunity to attend and paint with the ‘big dogs’! I would have loved to get in and loved to sell a painting. But the reality was I wasn’t prepared for the challenge. The top plein air artists were here, and it was a little daunting. I met Shelby Keefe first, and actually painted with her. She stopped by the Airstream, and introduced herself. She is a super nice woman, and a very VERY good painter. She sold 6 the first opening night! The next day Jill Carver stopped beside the Airstream to paint! She introduced herself as Jill. I said ‘Jill Carver’? And she said yes! I was so excited to meet her! She painted about 1 1/2 hours and the Airstream was reflecting so much light at her as the sun came over the mountain….she scrapped it! She came in the trailer and chatted for a while. I saw her again a couple of times.
Greg Summers was one of the guides for the event. That position allowed him to also participate in the event. It was fun to see him. He introduced me to several of the top artist. He was certainly having a blast, in his element!

Leaving Crested Butte

We have packed up, showered, dumped and departed CB. We didn’t make it far, only to Almont, before we stopped again! I guess Derald heard the trout calling his name. We were headed toward Cottonwood Pass and stopped at Lodge Pole campground. We camped here with Travis a few years ago. He caught a brown trout, and Derald wanted to catch some too.
We had the late afternoon showers. Derald walked across the highway and caught one trout. I had cleaned the trailer before we left CB, so everything was in order. We can hear the river from our campsite.


First annual girls only Taos Trip!

Jane arranged a trip to Taos to meet Nancy from Santa Fe. We had such a great time we decided it should be an annual event! We shopped, ate at the Taos Inn, and toured the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. July 4th we went to the parade at Arroyo Seco. We stayed at a B & B in the heart of Taos Plaza. It couldn’t have been more convenient. Such a neat place. We met a super nice woman from Tucson, and I am certain we will see her again! Barbara was a special lady we all enjoyed. We exchanged emails and addresses and made plans to meet in Crested Butte this week. Her husband is a fly fisherman!