I wasn’t worried about the accuracy of the drawing at all, I was just trying to see the difference between pushing my values and colors with gouache versus watercolor. The top one is gouache and the taped one is watercolor. #josephstoddard

New book

Joseph Stoddard is an artist I admire. I recently ordered his book, and I’ve enjoyed pushing color as I copy his work. These are studies, just for learning purpose. The first one is gouache. The other two are watercolor. #josephstoddard. #gouache. #watercolor

Painting on watercolor hot press primed with gesso

When it’s too cold to go outside, open the refrigerator and find something to paint. BEETS! This started with a quick gestural sketch. My first pass was watercolor. Then I decided it needed gouache. I was much happier using the gouache. The perk of the gesso surface was I could wipe and lift areas.

My initial thought was a yellow ochre and grey background.

More studies.

Vlad Yeliseyev is a master watercolorist. I really love his work. I think these pictures are from a workshop he taught in FL. Again, he stresses the value studies. Someday I hope to take a workshop with him. His students rave about what a great instructor he is. The study I did shows my iPad I used for his image. I changed the study a little because I was drawing from his photograph.

Sketching lunch

It was a grilled cheese sandwich kind of a rainy cold day. My sweet husband fixed lunch today, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sketch it. He ate, I talked and sketched, then ate. Funny how I’m just not hungry when there’s a chance to sketch! My diet plan for 2019? Sound like a win/win!

Master studies

The top painting is from Chien Chung Wei, Venetian Night. Chein has a step by step demo on Facebook, which made it a little easier to do. Emphasis on LITTLE!

Seamless Expressions blog, which is excellent, has Stephen Berry’s workshop notes I read over and over again. Chein suggests to learn from a master, so I figure he’s the man!