Guy B Park

We drove out to the park today to check the water. Derald has been checking on a regular basis, waiting for the lakes to thaw. He’s having kayak fishing withdrawals! He can tell me exactly how many days it’s been since he caught a fish.

On the drive out I sketched cars and trucks. At the lake of course I sketched the lake. On the way home we stopped for Mexican food, and I sketched there too. Good thing I don’t have to wait for a thaw!


Happy New Year!

I’m sure happy to start the new year. 2017 was so full of drama that I neglected some things I enjoyed just trying to stay abreast of the news.

I started January 1 with a decision to do a better job labeling my journals and keeping better records of my art. This idea spurred from a couple of crazy lengthy searches for art I had done last year. Enough said, but I’m vowing to do better this year!

Two journals have been started. One small Stillman & Birn is dedicated for mass. I always sketch during church, and take notes on the side. This process helps me absorb the message, and have notes for future reference. Prior to this ritual I could come home and forget what the service was about. I guess it is just my personal learning style.

My second journal is for daily sketching and learning. I always try to sketch my supplies on the first page to’ break it in properly’. I will start a third journal this week just for Urban sketching.

Happy New Year 2018!