Augusta Plein Air

APA is wrapped up for another spring event. It’s a reunion of sorts. I get to see artists I may only paint with once a year. The event committee become friends, as well as people in the community and business owners. It’s always a delight to be part of their world for a couple of weeks. 

We had some sunny days and a fair share of spring storms with lots of rain. Most artists come prepared for weather varieties! Painting with watercolors can prove to be a challenge though. I watched Steve Easterwood stand in the pouring rain and complete an oil painting. He then dumped the water out of his easel and packed up. Shook the rain off his painting and smiled at me as I shot a video of him. Plein Air painting is not for sissies! 

Here are sketches and paintings of my week in Augusta. I had 8 paintings on display for the final sale.



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