Excellent Day

I met with 2 new penaholic friends today at Panera on the Plaza. For 4 hours we tried out each other’s pens, shared our journals and told stories. 3 women, who really didn’t know each other, spent 4 fun hours sharing a common love of fountain pens and ink! I hate it I failed to take many pictures. The ones I took are not very good. But I wanted to blog it for an excellent memory. 

I met Nancy at an estate auction. We were both there for fountain pens! We exchanged numbers and actually have managed to stay connected. She introduced me to the Fountain Pen Club. A real treasure for resources. Nancy journals, as in writing. I’m determined to introduce her to art journaling. I can see she will be a natural. As you see, Nancy had a stack of beautiful journals. Each one full of the most gorgeous inks.

Lizett and I met at a plein air event last spring. We have ran into each other at local events several times. But recently I noted she did Urban Sketching. I always gravitate to her since I love to see her work. Today she brought her new mini watercolor tin she made, and a few journals.  Last time we painted together with the Art Mob, I took pictures of several of her watercolor palettes. It’s not like you can have just one! Lizett is like me. She totes around her sketching supplies everywhere she goes. Her work is lovely. I’ll get some of her work for a guest blog post! 

I really needed to get home, but just HAD to pull over for one sketch! 

4 thoughts on “Excellent Day

  1. I can’t see the pics but it’s probably just my stupid computer. Sounds like you had a lot of fun meeting like-minded people! I never would have thought there’d be a Fountain Pen Club! That’s so cool!

    1. I’m sorry you couldn’t see the pictures. There are about 12!
      Yes we have a local fountain pen club that’s meets monthly! A priest actually runs the club. There are people there of all ages too. Teens to elderly!

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