Fairfield Plein Air

What a great event. So well organized. The team that works this event really provide the artists lots of opportunities for sales. The community embrace the event with excitement and open arms. Host housing is provided, and most days a meal was waiting for us. I can’t say enough good things about Fairfield Plein Air. Icing the cake, there are unlimited subjects to paint. Beautiful country sides, creeks, farms, cattle, horses, and all things farm related. The town is a darling community with all styles of homes. They have a small town Main Street without chain stores. There is a beautiful park right in the center of town. 

The first painting is a house that was commisiond by the woman who grew up in this home.  It was a pleasure to paint it. She spoke of the bay window and memories of growing up there.    I got permission from a neighbor to stand in their yard to have a decent view of this angle. 

This second photo  was the building I selected for the nocturne. Great architectural features were all over this little town. This painting was sold. 

The last two pictures are the Dickey Ranch where a group of 8 women stayed. The house is huge. It is used as a seasonal party house, and no one really has lived in it for years. The sunrise and sunsets were spectacular. Huge screened porches front and back. 

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