Fairfield Plein Air

Fairfield Plein Air was a very successful event this year in many ways. First and foremost the residents of this area are so welcoming and truly seem to love to have this event. They are so gracious to the artists in every way striving to make sure we have what we need.

My first stop is Johns Butcher Shop. They make the best sandwiches that are so big I get 2 meals out of one order….for $4! They always give us 2 coupons for a full lunch meal, but I couldn’t wait for my packet coupons. Thus I had three meals there in the week. Cherry smoked ham and cheddar cheese with the works on rye bread. My mouth waters thinking about it. The ladies that work in the shop are wonderful. I felt ‘at home’.

I have a host family that has provided their family cabin for 4 artists to share. Marcia, and Tammie were my roomies. The log cabin is nestled amongst pine trees with a porch swing and table and chairs on the front porch. The porch view is a beautiful pond. This year we had a resident frog that was in the shower.

The weather was great. The outdoor studio just can’t be beat with the chance to immerse myself in painting. I was honored to receive the award for Best Watercolor on my painting of the chicken coop from the judge Nyle Gordon. To ice the cake, my sales were very good. I meant a fantastic couple who brought me wine as I painted their house portrait. Priceless.

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