More studies.

Vlad Yeliseyev is a master watercolorist. I really love his work. I think these pictures are from a workshop he taught in FL. Again, he stresses the value studies. Someday I hope to take a workshop with him. His students rave about what a great instructor he is. The study I did shows my iPad I used for his image. I changed the study a little because I was drawing from his photograph.

2 thoughts on “More studies.

  1. Al it was YOUR BLOG where I read about the workshop! I had been pulling photos off the computer and saving them for these exercises. When you said ‘check my blog’, I went to the link and found the pictures. Am I in trouble for not asking to use them? I can certainly remove this post. Or better yet, can I add a note to refer to your blog for all the information about the workshop? By the way, you have had the opportunity to take some fabulous workshops. I haven’t read them all yet.

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