Our Kansas City Chiefs were in a big playoff game Saturday , as a snow storm rolled through. I don’t remember the last time we had 11” of snow! It is beautiful. But… the stroke of 2:00pm as pre-game started…..the power went out! Being an optimist I thought the power would be restored before the game started at 3:30. 3:15 and the house was getting colder by the minute, no power and not so happy Chiefs fans. My husband saved the day. He turned on the gas heat in the Airstream, found the tv Station with the game, and bingo! We were ready for some FOOTBALL. We watched the game in the trailer with all 3 dogs. 5 minutes before the game ended, the power was back on! It was actually fun to spend the afternoon camping in the yard, watching the game! Here are a couple of sketches I did.


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