New Blog, New Dog

Bella and Max are buddies. Woody can take her or leave her. He refused to take part in a photo op!726271d6-0771-4cdf-b2e9-06abd2ce8395Since December I have been helping create a new on line presence for Urban Sketchers Kansas City. One blog seems to keep me busy, so I expect many of these posts will be created from this blog .

On my birthday, November 28, I offered to foster a dog that was found on the streets in the blizzard, by the Zoo! Within hours I realized it would take a  crowbar to pry her away from me. The little girl was barely 6 pounds, and so boney it would make you cry to touch her frail body. Her toe nail looked like they had never been clipped. She was checked for an ID chip, but didn’t have one. Long story short, no one claimed her at KC Pet Project. My vet called me a Foster Failure, teasing me. I’m sure Derald knew from the moment we held her, she would never leave us. So, this is Bella (Blizzard) Wilson. She is about one year old, and is 6 3/4 pounds now. She was spayed this week, she is chipped and she will never be homeless again.

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