Demo at Jones Gallery

I will be doing a demo for January first Friday, January 4, 6:30 pm. I will have my sketching gear displayed for what I carry for urban sketching. I am preparing accordion fold small journals for the first 20 people who want to sketch with me.

Here is the Facebook post:

January 4, 6:30 pm
Urban Sketchers Kansas City is delighted to have the opportunity to have our January First Friday Demo at The Jones Gallery. Peggy Wilson will have her sketch crawl ‘gear’’ on display and talk briefly about what she carries. Working on an accordion folded paper, Peggy will invite you to join her to create a sketch of the gallery scene. Please bring a pencil or pen to sketch with. Accordion folded paper will be provided to the first 20 people. If you are a Sketcher, feel free to bring your sketch gear to use and show for the discussion! Also check out our new blog


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