Here is a post on ideas for minimal equipment for Plein Air work. I will add a couple of pictures of my light weight board.  The boards I use are 1/2” foam core. The wood is attached on the foam core with tabs of Velcro. With this minimal wood used, the weight is reduced. I have 2 foam core boards with Velcro, so I can have 2 pieces of 1/4 sheet of watercolor paper ready to go. The quick release mounted on the X-board is easy to move from one foam core board to another.

Just Sketching

29 July, 2018. I’ve been pretty busy this past week getting the Art Department ready for the start of classes in a couple of weeks. Long story short: Not a lot of time to paint or sketch – but plenty of opportunity to be pondering ideas.

Occupying my thoughts has been gouache and limited color palettes. Gouache continues to intrigue me as a media, and I love how a minimalist approach to color results in harmonious combinations. A surprising number of people have asked me about using gouache as a plein air media, so just to prove to the more incredulous I made this 6 x 9 inch sketch. The colors on my palette are Perylene Violet, Ultramarine, Yellow Ochre, and white – the jury is still out for me on this particular triad, by the way.

I tried as best I could to make a photo from the same…

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