Slipping and sliding

Recently I found interest in dragging out my oils. First it was water soluble, as I found the artists Charlie Hunter and Beth Bathe’s art intriguing. Then I signed up for an oil workshop with Tim Tyler. I met Tim in Augusta, and I admire his portrait work. Out came the real deal, Gamsol and all. I found I had a lot of cleaning to do just to not embarrass myself at the workshop! I am kind of a messy painter. The Gamsol reeked. I just knew this would be the last hurrah with oils.

The workshop was a disappointment. My fault for not reading about how he was handling it before signing up. I had high expectations of long demos and loads of juicy information. The format he used was to select a masterpiece from a stack, grid and copy. I have done that a million times, well a million is exaggerated, but a lot. There is value in that, but I would not want to take a workshop to do it. My fault for not reading about his lesson format. Tim is a nice guy, very talented. I wish I had the opportunity to tap in on it. The closest I got to understanding how he paints was to copy one of the paintings he had on display. After I did the copy a master, Maynard Dixon, I copied a Tim Tyler. So here they are. Two copies, 9-4 workshop. Today I dug out a photo I took in TX this spring, and did it in oil. No grid. 😝After Derald critique I added some foreground details.

And here is the water soluble oil, in the Bathe/Hunter style.

Oils are SO MUCH easier.

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