It’s that time of year. By the time we return from the river, our grass was knee-high in the yard. It’s that time of year. The temperatures up to high 80s mid 90s and above. No mosquitoes yet! Hurrah! But I did get a tick bite at the river.

Some kind of crazy flying ant has appeared two nights in a row at probably 9 o’clock in the evening inside the house right by where I sit. It’s like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. I think we’re going to have to call a pest control.

Yesterday during church I sketched of course, and then it was so hot when Church got out I sat in my air-conditioned car and sketched again. So here are two sketches from yesterday.

Right before we went to bed, I looked over at Derald and he had on a tie-dyed T-shirt and plaid pajamas. I commented on his matching pjs, and he said ‘back at ya’. Then I looked at myself and I had on a tie-dyed T-shirt and striped pajamas. I get so tickled that we look like a couple old hippies, I insisted that we stand in the mirror to take a full on photograph. Woody had to sneak in, and Max is behind us. There we are in all her glory, barefoot.

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