October Traveling

The first week of October I was in Fairfield Illinois for the plein air festival. Here are a few pictures of that very nice event.


This is the cabin we stayed in. Simply perfect. Marcia and I plus Tammie and Teddy. We had a blast.


This was my host gift painting.


We were asked to do a 8” square painting to be auctioned to raise money. This area was big in oil drilling, and there are lots of remnants around the community.


The first day I sketched in the alley. I love this view. I ended up painting my final facing the opposite side of the street. That was a purchase by Christy. It was the alley behind her business! She bought a painting from Spencer of the front of her shop last year. I was humbled she purchased mine this year.


This was the beginning of my nocturne . I started it at 10:00 and wrapped up at midnight. It was a subject many people liked. I could have sold it 5 times!




Tammie took this of me working on the nocturne.


This was Christy’s purchase of my alley.


Christys Alley


We had one day in a neighboring town. This was the town center.


This sweet lady watched my work while I got lunch. She teased her girlfriends she painted it! We had fun.


I received this yummy award from #richesonarts.


Finished nocturne, sold as purchase award.


Painting done at the cabin.


Sketch for town center.


Finished drawing for town center.


This was a really cool building that sold coffee and the best ice Cream! This sold to the owners. Super nice young couple. I really enjoyed painting this one. I love architecture.

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