An addiction to art supplies.

Ok there I admit it. I’m addicted to art supplies. I mean seriously who could pass up these luscious watercolors?  Hand made in CO.  They arrived in a little box with a yard tie. Inside was a handwritten personalized note. Each color was hand labeled and carefully wrapped in foil. Yummy colors! This yellow ochre could pass as a Carmel! I was excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Greenleaf and Blueberry Company has a challenging system to order. Once a month they ‘release’ a select number of handmade colors. Some individual and some pan sets. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, sells out in minutes. I skipped mass to be on line the second they opened! Serious business! And I had my shopping list ready. I wanted one small 3 color “Wild Bird Egg” set, $45. And 5 colors, individual 1/2 pans for $10 each. It was a splurge, and I was thinking not all would be available, unless I was FAST. And I was fast. Everything was in my cart, so I went back in to looky loo. Mistake. When I went to pay, all but 3 colors were available! I paid for them, then returned to see if anything was left. I found one more color. Lesson learned!

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