#oneweek100people2017. Wrapping it up

A couple of years ago I wanted to learn how to draw horses better. I figured if I painted 100 I would certainly know more about them. So I painted 100 horses. I actually got pretty good at it. I had my comfort zone they LOOKED Like horses, not a big dog or a cow. So I thought sketching 100 people would be a snap. Sometimes the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know. The people challenge was one of those moments I knew the practice would be very beneficial for me! 

I want to share my thoughts on the challenge One Week 100 People. We proposed this event to Urban Sketchers Kansas City. Several accepted the challenge and posted their work on our Facebook group page. It was very interesting to see comments people made. Some were extremely positive and energetic to have the challenge. Some commented it would be too much commitment and work. And I totally understand that! Especially for those with full time jobs and families. Trying to find time for sketching may be down the list of must do’s. Then there was the middle group sucked in the wave of excitement. Since people all over the world were creating sketches and posting them on social media, it was wonderful IMO, to ‘ride the wave’.  

I will admit again, I read the challenge as a week = 7 full days! Not a 5 day work week.  Thus I sketched through Sunday, catching up with everyone else that finished Friday! I am one of those die hard people that accepts a challenge or responsibility and won’t give up until it’s completed. I was determined to hit 100+. I even sketched from people on the tv one day, felt a little guilty they were on tv, and made up those on Sunday! 

I know you will find it beneficial and fun to view some blogs and visit Urban Sketcher groups. Liz  Steele and Marc Taro Holmes created the challenge so start with their blogs. 

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