First Friday in the West Bottoms 

The West Bottoms is a great area of Kansas City to spend the first weekend of the month. Good JuJu is one of my favorite shops, but I really enjoy them all!  The weather was brisk, about 28 degrees, but the sun was shining. Lots of shoppers were in the area. 

Here is a sketch I did after I spent a few hours running in and out and up and down flights of watehouse stairs! I love, ❤, love to draw in this area. Great architecture and alleys! 

After I got home I was really mad my perspective was way off. So I taped a flap over the most troublesome area and tried to correct it. I ran perspective lines and inked over several areas. Here’s the result. 

You can see the flap of paper flipped up on this bottom picture. 
I could see the building was too light in value, so I tried to darken it. Now the whole thing is overworked and a mess. But, it’s a great learning experience for me. 

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