Fountain Pen Club

I was totally in Fountain Pen Heaven last night! I attended my first, and definitely not last, Fountain Pen Club meeting at Crown Center. New pens, old treasures, and a great group of penaholics! Here is a collection of Tony’s ‘everyday pens’ he carries. He let me write with each one! It may be the only time I write with a pen worth $1,000! 

The next photo is his ‘other collection’ we looked at. He talked about several and gave their history and passed them around for everyone to drool over!  
I did pull one out to look at. He laughed and said it was a $3-5 Pen. And said you can have it! I gave him $5 and was delighted!!!
Of course the color is what caught my eye! He filled her up with a beautiful sepia colored ink and I was in pen heaven! Did I mention a Catholic priest is the man that organizes the meeting! 
This next group of pens were from another man, I failed to catch his name. Very unusual pens. The white one caught my eye. 

Then this guy pulled a handful of pens out of his overcoat! I’m telling you it was an interesting group! I also invited an Urban Sketcher friend, Lizett. And I met a woman that introduced me to the club, Nancy! I met her at an estate sale as we were both looking at pens! Great evening! I can’t wait til next months meeting! 

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