Estate Sale treasures

I bought these 3 fountain pens at an estate sale today. I drove about 2 blocks and stopped to sketch this house! 

At the sale I met this super nice lady who collects fountain pens. Nancy and I were both looking at the pens at the sale. There were probably a dozen fountain pens, and about 5 people hovering over that counter looking at them. We started chatting about pens and ended up trading phone numbers. It’s always such a treat to meet like minded people. 


I keep a mini set of watercolors and 2 water brushes in my purse. Today I spent about an hour with a friend in a bank, waiting. The bank assistant Carrie, was having a bad time with her computer. Finally I gave up and pulled out my little book to sketch and paint. It always saves the day. I immediately lost my waiting impatience and was immersed in drawing! 

Randy was another example of the joy of entertaining myself Sketching while waiting at the chiropractor office.