Catching up again!

I have a good excuse for not posting. My sweet sister had a heart attack! She had a stint put in an artery that was 95% blocked. They kept her overnight and released her. Just amazing. 

I find copying an artists painting is a great tool for me. I learn to evaluate techniques, process, color layering and composition. My goal was to practice adding people to my paintings. Not to copy exact from the reference.  I hate to admit I forgot to write the artists name. But I used this for a learning exercise and not to sell. I will be more diligent next time. This is in the style of Urban Sketching. 

From the top down: First my sweet sister 2 days after a heart attack! Then my study. The last are 3 of 5 that were step by step process pictures for the painting. Viewing the 5 step process from start to finish is a great way to learn. 

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