De-cluttering Organization or simply recognizing?  I’m a hoarder for art supplies. 

As a retired art teacher, I taught numerous mediums. Clay, textiles, drawing, painting, the list goes on. So I certainly have had a love affair with them all! My interest has narrowed to painting over the years but I still have a stash of felting supplies in my tiny studio, which is a bedroom in real life. I have a few clay tools from experimenting with sculpty  clay. Rubber stamps? I’ve got drawers of them within reach. And beads and jewelry supplies? Got that too. To ice that cake, my sweet husband has a jewelry/fishing rod studio set up downstairs! 

So I expose these pictures today as my therapy. I’m hoping to organize to my best ability, to make space to actually be able to paint in the studio again. Currently I have taken over the entire sunroom, full spread, dining room table. My rationality for this was I couldn’t pack away my oil paints. I don’t want to ‘give them up yet’. But the studio is too small for all of the above. Thus I have worked for 3 days trying my level best to purge. STACKS of oil paintings, literally a tub full and then some. Jars of gamsol, all settled down and ready to reuse. Tubs of used oil paint. Jars and boxes of oil brushes. The list is very long. Very long! 

These last three are progress shots. Max is my support dog for this project. As of today, all but one tub is full! And I think I’ll need more. Note the bead weaving loom on top of the blue lid in the above picture? Everyone needs a bead weaving loom right????

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