Catching up from day 4 and 5. 

I paint everyday. I just forget to post everyday. So you see I made it 2 days and fell off the wagon. But I’m determined to catch up. 

Here are 2. The city scene is from a photo reference of mine of downtown Kansas City. I painted it referring to Brienne Brown’s lesson. I don’t think it’s done yet, but I’m pleased so far. 

The bottom ‘urban sketch’, was from a window view. I do this style of fast sketching constantly. I did one in church Saturday. This is my new replacement fountain pen. It’s a Lamy Al Star. Love it. I managed to loose my white Lamy Safari. If you find it, please return it! I only had it 2 weeks! And I intentionally bought white so I wouldn’t loose it! As suggested by other sketchers. 

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